Movie Nite

A product page for the on-the-go movie lovers.

Product page mockup preview

2-day Sprint


UX/UI Designer


This startup streaming service that found a market opportunity among the Android phone owners was hoping to alter the movie streaming industry. My job was to establish the content, define most important features and work on visual design.

the challenge

I analyzed the research reports to define & create visual content.

My goal was to outline the movie lovers' expectations from a product page, see trends, define content and introduce most helpful features.

the process


✓ Report Review

✓ Affinity Mapping


✓ Content & Features

✓ Wireframe


✓ Review

✓ A/B testing

Final Design

✓ Hi-Fi product Page

analysis & ideation

A quick affinity map helped me categorize.

At the surveying stage the film enthusiasts had shared what information they rely on when choosing a title. I put their preferences on sticky notes and defined content to include:

  • Title, release year
  • Cover
  • Rating
  • Description
  • Genre(s)
  • Director, cast
  • Recommendations
affinity map

I also listed top features.

  • Watch
  • Bookmark
  • Mark as seen
  • Share

Problem Statement

HOW MIGHT WE help movie-lovers watch relevant titles on the go?

I wasn't certain of the best spot for the Watch button..

..which is why I created two wireframes with different button placements and intended to test which solution works better. My other goal was to organize the page content listed above in the most efficient way.

low-fidelity wireframe, a/b testing options
testing & final design

A/B testing pointed to the right direction

Surprisingly for me, 70% of users were going for the example on the right. I developed this wireframe into a higher fidelity prototype.

Movie Nite Preview

Future Considerations

  • Further research of the common use cases
  • Exploring user journeys and flows
  • Adapting to tablet
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I'm open to new design projects and I'm always excited to take on new challenges, so do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

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